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Allows you to measure the influence of your organization's cost distribution and cash flow requirements.

  • Maintain vendor account balances
  • Process manual or computer generated checks to vendors
  • 1099 - MISC Forms
  • Prepare vendor reports
  • Record any outstanding liabilities for the organization
  • Analyze and maintain general ledger account balances
  • Form 990 EZ
  • Form 990
  • Annual state registration filings
  • ​Multi - State filings


Produce timely invoices and aging reports

  • Record outstanding receivables
  • Prepare invoices
  • Apply receipts against receivable balances
  • Prepare receipts for bank deposit
  • Provide receivable reports
  • Analyze and maintain general ledger account balances
  • C Corporation – Form 1120
  • S Corporation form 1120S
  • Partnership returns – Form 1065
  • Non-Profit returns



Audit liaison

  • Assistance with year-end closing (i.e.: journal entries to record year- end accruals) 
  • Preparation of financial statements and related   footnotes
  • Preparation of year-end reconciliations and schedules
  • Gather support and backup for auditor review
  • Onsite assistance with auditors throughout audit process 
  • Availability to review draft financial statements with: Audit Committee, Finance Committee or full Board


  • Individual returns – Federal & state
  • Corporate returns


Summarize your payroll data whether payroll is done internally or externally. Accurately allocate payroll expenses.

1. Enter Payroll transactions

  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly
  • Departmental / Program allocation 

2. Prepare quarterly 941 reconciliations
3. Assistance with Sick time / Vacation time balances and accruals


  • Assistance with Budget preparation and monitoring
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual financial reporting
  • Financial forecast and cash flow management
  • Expense allocation and reporting
  • Assistance compiling information for Federal Income tax filings
  • Government and contract reporting
  • Assistance compiling financial information for grant / funder reporting; including clear and comprehensive presentation materials
  • Interim Finance Director/Business Manager/Accountant services
  • Assistance with preparation and/or review of policy and procedures manuals
  • Review of internal controls